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Make Sure Your Loved One's Last Wishes Are Carried Out

If you were named the executor of your loved one's will, you're probably feeling overwhelmed at the thought of going through probate. There are a lot of important steps that have to be taken within a certain time, which is why you shouldn't handle it by yourself. A probate lawyer from the Law Office of Arthur J. Data III, P.C. in Palos Hills, IL can help you navigate this process.

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What can our probate lawyer do for you?

You can trust our probate lawyer to handle every part of the probate process, including:

  • Filing all necessary documents
  • Sorting outstanding debts
  • Identifying and securing estate assets
  • Collecting proceeds from life insurance policies
  • Transferring assets to the appropriate beneficiaries
  • Determining if any inheritance taxes are owed and making sure they're paid
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