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Real Estate Transactions

Buying or selling real estate can be quite a task. From the initial contract through attorney review, inspections and title examination and then to closing, real estate transactions can be very confusing and even overwhelming. At the Law Office of Arthur J. Data III, P.C., I will make sure that your transaction not only goes as smoothly as possible; I will make sure you receive the most "bang for your buck." I will be at your side through the entire process- from the initial contract all the way through closing.

Criminal Defense

Being arrested and charged with a crime is not only an extremely stressful time for the defendant, but for the defendant's family and friends as well. There can also be job implications which can result in loss of income. I provide aggressive representation, whether it be at trial or through the plea bargaining process. I always strive for the best possible result for my clients while simultaneously preparing them for any after-effects that might result outside of the courtroom.


Receive a traffic ticket? Do you know the consequences? Don't just take the "easy way out" and pay the ticket or elect the traffic school option. Depending on your driving record and the facts of the case, getting another conviction on your record could result in your license being suspended. Furthermore, you may have a defense resulting from police mistake, malfunctioning equipment or some some other defense. Don't just "drop your choice" in the mail to rid yourself of the ticket. Come talk to me about the consequences of a conviction and any options you may have.

Estate Planning

What happens if you are incapacitated? What happens to your remains when you die? What happens to all your assets when you die? What will happen to my loved ones? These are all questions every person needs to ask because we are all human and will all die at some point. Come talk to me and we will discuss options including wills, powers of attorney for healthcare and property, land trusts and other trusts to ensure you, your loved ones and your assets are protected in the event of catastrophic injury or death.


Are you overwhelmed with debt? Do you have creditors beating down your door? Are you scared that you could lose your home, your car or other property as a result of debt that you simply cannot pay? Come learn about your options! Whether it is Chapter 7 or a Chapter 13 debt repayment plan, you could receive discharges of debts, protect your property and/or reaffirm debts that you want to continue to pay such as a mortgage on your house. Don't wait until it is too late! Contact me today to learn about what options you could have in Bankruptcy!

Civil Rights

Unfortunately people are not always treated fairly or equally. Many times, such disparate treatment violates your civil rights and you may be entitled to relief. Whether Constitutional or statutory, everyone is entitled to certain rights that cannot be violated by any government entity and in many cases, private entities. Contact me today if you believe that you have been deprived of certain rights!